About Us

Wild salmon, steelhead, and trout are an important part of Pacific Northwest heritage. By becoming a member of the Stilly-Snohomish Task Force, you can restore the great fishing runs of the Snohomish and Stillaguamish Rivers.

You Have the Power to save
Fish through Stream Restoration

About the Stilly Snohomish Fisheries Enhancement Task Force

The mission of the Task Force is to ensure the future of fishing in the Stillaguamish and Snohomish River and Island County watersheds.

The Task Force is dedicated to the restoration of viable salmonid populations and their habitat in the Stillaguamish and Snohomish River watersheds, a combined land area of more than 2,400 square miles.

Since its beginning in 1990, the Task Force has directed its resources and energy to the challenge of developing community partnerships and strategies to improve and restore the recreational and commercial fisheries of the Pacific Northwest.

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The Stilly Snohomish Fisheries Enhancement Task Force is a hands-on membership organization with more than 500 volunteers supporting three full-time staff members.

Since 1990, the Task Force has planned, designed, and implemented dozens of enhancement and restoration projects.
These include stream and riparian restoration projects, wetland restoration projects, fish passage projects, and improvements to agricultural lands and their management.